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The city of a hundred spires

by BC6, em 17.01.16

I was delighted when I got to Prague and extremely sad to leave it behind. It left a mark, and is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. From the gothic towers, to the plazas, with the street food and nice people to complement it, the city was stunning. I enjoyed every minute of being there and I have made a promise of coming back.


Located in the heart of europe, Prague is characterized by its gothic architecture and its narrow streets.

I managed to get some photos there which I quite enjoy. Here they are












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by BC6, em 13.02.15

Óbidos is a small town in western Portugal. It has a medieval wall surrounding it and I think it was the perfect place to snap some photos.

Hope you like it


Obidos 1.jpg


This one is just the main street of the town. The builings are colorful, it's a very welcoming town.






Obidos 3.jpg



Here is the wall on the north of the town






Obidos 2.jpg



This is the view on the entire town from the southern most point of the wall. I loved the view from here!

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*Insert Title*

by BC6, em 13.02.15

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't been here a lot. I'll just post photos whenever I feel like doing it, and I have a feeling I'm going to post a bit more from now on. So that's it. Also, I have a trip next weekend until Wednesday so I should have some photos for a while. Meanwhille I'll post "old" photos too.

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by BC6, em 15.11.13

Fire was one of the first discoveries of mankind and it was one of the main reasons for our evolution.

Today I bring you some photos of a piece of coal ablaze.

I used a long exposure time to capture the trajectory of the burning pieces of coal.







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by BC6, em 12.11.13

Water is such a common element it stays unnoticed most of the time. Yet, water is an element of such beauty it is a great photographint theme.

With that in mind I went and took some photos to show you the beauty of it.







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A Storm is Approaching

by BC6, em 10.11.13

Terrible Weather, huh?




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My First Post Ever

by BC6, em 09.11.13

I had some photos here in my computer that were taken for an arts project about two years ago. Some friends (and friends of friends) liked the photos and complimented me on my talent, and one of them, who is a blogger, convinced me to make a photoblog.
So here I am, with my new blog. Hope you like the photos i took.

















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posted at 19:22

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